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Pc shuts down mid-game

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Pc shuts down mid-game
« en: Marzo 15, 2018, 07:51:51 am »

My PC shuts down whenever im playing overwatch and its only overwatch. My specs are a core i5, gtx 1070, 8 gb of ram and a 600w power supply. It just started doing this recently. Ive had the game on pc for while and a few weeks prior freom today, the game was working perfectly fine. I was able to play for hours on end and now i cant even play a game because in the middle of it my pc will just shut down and reboot. I dont think its a overheating issue because i am able to play other games that require the same processing power that overwatch requires. If anyone has had this issue before and knows what the solution is i would greatly appreciate it.

Please help.

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